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Romance takes effort there is no dodging that, but it doesn't have to hurt your wallet too much! In fact we have something for you that is completely free!

In case you haven't guessed it by now, SWAG is all about helping your relationship to move forward. Quality time with your partner is an integral part of this process and our romantic tips subscription will really help you to plan cheap or even free date nights for you and your partner. If they have become pretty dull, or just aren't even happening, then subscribe now to kickstart your date night! It won't cost much.

Another great way we want to help you to move forward is by helping you to better understand your woman for free! If you are like most men and you just don't have time or patience to sit through an overly repetitive marriage book, then our free tips are right up your street. We post a short, punchy tip every month to get you to take one step closer to unlocking the enigma wrapped up in a mystery that our women seem to be.

romance quotes
1 Let's face it, men are just not wired to be the perfect romantics. Some are of course, but the
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What is with all the talking!?
1 So i'm sure many of us have heard this theory that men only speak a couple thousand words a
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