What is with all the talking!?

What is with all the talking!?

So i'm sure many of us have heard this theory that men only speak a couple thousand words a day and have generally used them all up by the time they get home, while women have only used half of theirs!

So maybe our women just want to talk a lot more than we do and we should try to talk to them a bit more and they should try to talk a bit less... you know compromise! OR maybe that theory is wrong and actually men have no problem talking but they just don't really like talking to their partner!

"Most of us have become accustomed to shutting down any conversation about how we feel"

Ok so for me and many of you, I don't think its about not wanting to talk, its more about the topic, or more about the direction that the conversation is headed. Most of us have become accustomed to shutting down any conversation about how we feel, in fact it usually happens without us even knowing it. You see men have been told by their dad, their uncle, their brother or just the culture that we live in that if you talk about your feelings you will appear weak. If you reveal the fact that you are struggling, you are afraid then you are giving someone a way in to the vulnerable parts of you and lets face it, you know they will get in and take you down!

I'm not suggesting that we get all soppy and full of self pity and spend all our time groaning about how 'dad didn't come to watch my big game.' All i'm doing is saying let your guard down with your partner a bit, be a bit more honest about your pain. Our women don't actually want to find the chink in our armour so they can drive their sword in, they actually just want to be close to us. They want to understand us and they want some intimacy!

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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Let's face it, men are just not wired to be the perfect romantics. Some are of course, but the rest of us do not have a romantic bone in our body. It's something that just isn't high on our genetic score sheet. Most of us feel like its just too much work!

The thing is, the woman in your life really needs you to pursue her, to be the initiator of things and to provide 'romance' in the relationship. Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying that she isn't responsible for some of it too, she definatley is, but gentlemen lets be the ones to take the first step!

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